BMAC's Belief

We at BMac believe that collectively and individually everyone can benefit from performance analysis through professional video services at a competitive price.

Do you find yourself asking these questions:

  • What do I/we have to do to win the league?
  • What do I/we have to do to win the Championship?
  • Where does my/our performance rank compared to the top teams?
  • What areas of player do I/we have to improve on?
  • How do we/I go about improving performance?

In searching for the answer to all of the questions above there are many factors that help achieve them. BMac Performance Analysis have a track record working with teams and individuals across many sports and genders. Effectively analysing performance through video analysis we provide you with specific information and objective feedback that will allow you to improve overall, individual and team performance giving you an advantage on your competition, supporting you on your journey towards your ultimate goal.

Having worked with some highly experienced and intelligent coaches and managers in both male and female sports, we know that the integration of modern technology alongside insightful coaching knowledge, experience and the willingness to learn can make a major difference.

To understand sporting performance, we continually ask “Why?” and “How?” particular aspects of play occur and/or repeatedly occur. BMacs’ belief is that a greater insight can be provided if we first look into the Who, Where, What and When of each performance. Having knowledge and understanding of the controllable factors related to performance will enhance the process of learning and improvement, on the pathway towards the ultimate goal of success.