Video recording of sporting games has become the norm from grassroots to the elite level. BMac provides the option of having multiple angles either technical, tactical or aerial view of performance.

Get a different perspective on performance by using the high behind camera angle (reaching up to 25ft) to get an insight into the developing patterns of play. Combine each of the video angles together to create the full 360 degree view.

Using quality equipment and professional expertise BMac can supply HD quality footage for your training sessions, games, tournaments or events. Meeting the demands of those who require instant feedback BMac provides the video footage using an easy to share online platform within 48 hours of the event.





BMac offers a comprehensive and detailed breakdown of performance for teams and individuals. Using high quality performance analysis technology and software, BMac provides both live game analysis and post-match analysis.

The live game analysis feeds real time information to the management and coaches. Updating instantly as the play develops. Immediate statistical data is displayed in an easy to read report helping create an awareness of developing trends. Allowing objective feedback to be given assisting with tactical and personnel changes.

The post game analysis supplies coaches and athletes with accurate and objective information. Produced in a simple and easy to follow report. Gain a greater insight into the Key Performance Indicators and how they can impact on being successful.

Stats are used to measure the Who, Where, What and When of each performance!


The real learning is achieved with feedback.

Combine both the statistics and video analysis to supply athletes with quantitative data and visual clips to fully identify the strengths of performance and outline the areas for improvement.

BMac offers customisable video feedback upon consultation with team coaches. And in conjunction with the game statistics to demonstrate the patterns of play which contribute to the data informing the Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s).

Video feedback allows coaches and athletes to investigate the How and Why of performance having identified the Who, Where, What and When using the game statistics.


In the age of data and big data, why not look to use data to your advantage.

BMac can help you accumulate all the collected data in a seasonal database which allows for greater in-depth analysis. Compare performance data as the season progresses, compare to opposition teams, compare individual players, compare different player groups, identify trends from games won or lost.

Database examples include: Game analysis, Individual player analysis, injury history, training loads and information of training schedules and attendances.

Athlete Monitoring

Athlete monitoring can help optimise performance which ultimately enhances the possibly of success.

BMac offers hands on expertise in helping you monitor your athletes training loads, wellness, injury history, return to play and periodization. Monitor the response to training, fatigue levels, muscle soreness, nutrition and sleep. Tailor individual athletes training loads using scientific based methods such as the Acute: Chronic Workloads paradox to achieve sufficient fitness levels for performance and help negate the risk of injury.

Use GPS Analysis to quantify the demands of your sport enabling coaches to adjust training  so athletes are physically prepared for positional demands and worst case scenarios during games.