2016 Championship Final Previews

Intermediate & Junior Championship

With Brian McClelland

Junior Championship Final Preview

Clonmore enroute to the final winning four games have scored 7-42; an average of 15.8 per game and conceding 1-31; 8.5 per game. Their strong defence is ranked number one in the 2016 Junior championship having kept three clean sheets and 0-10 being their largest concession of scores in the second round to Keady. In attack Clonmore are ranked fifth, being 10% greater than the average team in the 2016 Junior championship.

Cullyhanna have played one less game scoring 4-40; on average 17.3 points per game and conceding 2-31; 12.3 points per game. Having scored 2-14 in their last 2 games Cullyhanna’s attack is ranked third in the 2016 Junior championship, 21% greater than the average team.

Using the respective attacking and defensive rankings of both teams, Clonmore are considered 14% better than Cullyhanna going into this final, hugely due to their superior defence. A simple prediction model estimates Clonmore to have 3 points to spare.

Intermediate Championship Final Preview

Tullysaran v Whitecross

Tullysaran unbeaten in Intermediate championship football, having won their only Junior title last year have scored 6-55 in four games; averaging 18.3 points per game. In defence they have conceded 7-43; an average 16.0 points per game leaving them ranked 11th in defensive table for the 2016 Intermediate championship. A proficient attack ranked 2nd in 2016 sees them operating 30% greater than the average team.

Whitecross host a similar attack, ranked 3rd and operating at 29% greater than the average team in the 2016 Intermediate championship. They have scored 6-54 in four games; 18.0 points per game. They have the best ranked defence conceding 1-33; 9.0 points per game which is 40% greater than the average team in the 2016 Intermediate championship. Clan naGael caused this defence its greatest problems scoring 0-10 in the semi final.

If both attacks perform to their highlighted capabilities Tullysaran will have a 1% edge. However, if similar defensive displays are repeated from both teams Whitecross will have a huge 47% advantage, calculating Whitecross to be 8 points the better side.